Create a speckled egg texture on mason jars

How to make faux speckled mason jarsYears ago, at my old house in the country, we had a bird’s nest that fell out of a tree and got rained on. I was worried that because the little babies got wet that they were going to die. Luckily we put the nest under the porch in a safe place and they survived – and then the birds went on to have many sets of babies in that very nest! These speckled mason jars remind me of all of those birds that came and went from that porch nest. Such good memories! I love that they have a unique texture to them, and Amy did that with a special technique that involves wax paper. It’s pretty cool, and you could probably use the same method for a variety of other applications. Learn how Amy made these pretty mason jars below.

Speckled egg textured decoupage mason jars at Stow and Tellu


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    Amy, what a sweet story about how you were able to save the birds and help them go on to survive and flourish. That had to be cool to be able to watch their family grow right from under your porch. Thank you so much for sharing my speckled egg jars. It is one of my favorite textures from nature.