Clay pot craft: funny face planter

Clay pot craft: funny face planterThis is Heidi from Hands Occupied, and I love puns. So as soon as I took one look at this finished clay pot craft, I immediately dubbed it the face planter. Get it? Face plant (er)? It slays me! If the silly name doesn’t make you smile, the cute-as-a-button project hopefully will.


  • terra cotta planter (plant can be added later)
  • Mod Podge Outdoor formula
  • sponge spouncer
  • tissue paper
  • scissors


Cut out whatever facial features you’d like your planter to have. Get creative! You could use eyes cut from magazine pages instead of creating your own, or your little planter dude could have a skeleton nose – the possibilities are endless. You could even give him an emoticon face! :)

faceplanter2I went with smiley eyes and some cute buck teeth. You can’t go wrong with a tooth gap, right?

faceplanter3Next, prep your planter, making sure it’s relatively dry and dirt free on the outside. When your pot’s ready, sponge on some Outdoor Mod Podge with a spouncer.

faceplanter5Apply your planter’s facial features to the wet Mod Podge. If you didn’t quite get the eye tilt or mouth placement perfect, you’ve got around 15-30 seconds to nudge them to the ideal spot for the effect you’re looking for.


faceplanter6Finally, daub on another layer of Mod Podge over the face to secure and seal it.

faceplanter7Let your planter dry completely and you’re good to go! Easy, cute and quick. This little face planter dude is officially my desk BFF at work, and he totally brightens my day!

faceplanter8Like this project or Heidi’s love of puns? Check out her blog, Hands Occupied, on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. You can also check out her archive of posts for Mod Podge Rocks right here