Channeling my inner dancer

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I'm so excited to tell you about what I did this week for the Summer of Groupon. This one is hilarious – particularly hilarious indeed. Can you guess from the picture above? Well . . . I went to a pole dancing class! If you have never tried it, you need to RUN, not walk, with your girlfriends and try it out. It's hilarious! You will end up having a great time, laughing, and dancing. And don't worry if you can't dance – neither can I!

I'm stereotypical Scandinavian. We are great at crafts and being Lutheran, but we don't dance.

Let me tell you a little bit about this week's adventure.


I went with my friend Maya, and we were definitely nervous when we walked in. We brought heels, but did we bring the right ones? Judging by the shoes we saw when we walked in the door . . . probably not. But, high enough for us!


There are all sorts of fun things to purchase with lace and frills, if you like those sorts of things.


We went into the back room with the poles . . . and got really nervous. Is this going to be exercise? Am I going to have to dance like a stripper? I'm going to be horrible!


Maya took a picture of me apprehensively holding the pole. Not sure if I'm cut out for this . . . but excited to try!


But when the heels go on, all of the sudden it got really hilarious and fun. When in Rome, I always say! Our instructor and some of the girls in this class were AMAZING. You should seen how strong they were, holding themselves up and even flipping upside down on their poles!


I quickly realized that pole dancing is not dancing as much as it is strength. And let's be honest – it's kind of fun to swing around. And Maya and I kept talking about what body confidence you could gain from this fun activity.


I had a great time! This activity could be hilarious for a bachelorette party. I promise that you won't stop laughing!


And because I can't help but show off a little bit – I brought some "Amy style" to the mix.


I even asked people what they thought I was doing on Instagram, and the responses were hilarious.


If you need a confidence and strength building activity but don't like traditional exercise, you should totally give pole dancing a try! I think you'll be surprised at how fun it is.

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  1. says

    OMGahhh. Funny! Scandinavian design, I absolutely adore. Scandinavian dancers, mehhh. But you look fabulous, and that’s all that matters. (I’d totally be the over-aged lady out there with you on the poles, btw!)

  2. says

    THIS IS AMAZING! I’m really enjoying your adventures and I love that you are doing things I feel like maybe you normally wouldn’t! I have never tried pole dancing because I know I would laugh. Hard. And I didn’t want to make the instructor mad. Are they ok with laughing? And your stripe socks were perfect!

  3. Dinah says

    You are amazing! You remind me so much of my best friend in high school. I have always wanted to try pole dancing because I heard about the benefits. I think your post finally gave me a little nudge to try it!