Capping off an amazing summer

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.


Oh my. It's been an absolutely amazing summer. You may remember a month ago when I said I wanted to work less and have more fun? I definitely accomplished that mission . . . to the "nth" degree! I capped off the summer with a fun birthday party at the local bowling alley, and I used a Groupon to do it. There's so much more to it so keep reading

. . . and take a peek at the end for my amazing recap video.


I pulled some friends together to celebrate Steve's big 5-0 birthday at Stars and Strikes. You can play video games and bowl – and even do bumper cars. We got a few Action Passes and man, did we PLAY some video games. Some of us were on a winning streak . . . perhaps even taking the games a little too seriously. I believe I accidentally destroyed Yosemite National Park when I rode through it on my crotch rocket.


I liked the driving games, but we had a few in the crew who prefer to "shoot 'em up." Have you ever noticed how being let loose in an arcade in your thirties doesn't change from when you are a kid?

AND then I stopped in my tracks. The Holy Grail (angels singing):

Ski ball

I LOVE SKI BALL!! I cannot explain to you how much I love this game. I didn't have enough time to work on my speed AND accuracy, but hey – it wasn't my birthday. And our buzzer rang for our bowling lane – it was ready.


So we put on the shoes and proceeded to dominate. If you call scores of 90 – 120 "domination."


There were some unique methods of bowling to say the least. And one of our team even had his own bowling shoes. I'm not naming names. Please enjoy this video of me bowling – and the dance I made up when I hit any pins:

But who cares about our cruddy scores, because we had an amazing time, and Steve had an AMAZING birthday! When we got home, I surprised him with a great present from Groupon Goods. He was so excited!

Birthday goodies

I got him Jabra earbuds for exercise, a protective battery case, a black phone wallet, a Motorola stereo headset, iPhone 5 cable, Bluetooth iPad workstation, and a car charger. If you have a tech/geek/nerd boyfriend, this is the perfect collection of goodies for your man. I was shocked at how smokin' the Groupon Goods deals were!

So that's it my friends – that wraps up my Summer of Groupon experience. But WAIT! Before you go, I have a video you HAVE to see. It's an awesome recap of everything I did this summer. Please watch and let me know what you think of my summer. Which Groupon adventure was your favorite?


  1. jengd says

    Glassblowing would be my #1- that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Your wakeboarding would definitely be a close 2nd. Fabulous things you’ve tried out!!!

  2. says

    Just finished watching your video recap, and OMG my life is boring compared to your adventures! LOL Love how different each experience was! I’d LOVE to swim with manatees! (The beer brewing class looked like my house, as my husband brews his own beer. Doesn’t the hops and malt smell awesome while brewing?)

  3. says

    FUN! I love bowling and try to go a few times during the summer with the kiddo’s! looks like you’ve had a ball!