How I become a circus performer

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.


I first learned about aerial silks quite recently, actually – from XO Sarah. She is a blog designer but also does performances on the side. When I saw that I thought, "how cool is that? I want to be a circus performer!" Because of course I do. Pursuing umpteen million other hobbies isn't enough – now I need to run away with a traveling road show.

So when I saw there was a Groupon in their Summer Shop for aerial silks at a local rock climbing gym, it was a must do. I put on my workout clothes and dragged my friend Maya with me as I always do. If you are going to punish yourself, might as well punish a friend too . . . and it might be fun!


In my mind's eye the right place to do aerial silks was under a circus tent – but it turns out a more likely place they are available is your local rock climbing gym. So that's where we went!

Aerial Silks in the gym

One thing I love about the aerial silks is how pretty and cool they look. Large strips of colorful fabric draped from the ceiling seem magical. It made me feel like "hey, I can be good at this!" Or if not, at least it's going to be fun and a decent workout. Little did I know what kind of a workout I would get!

Aerial Silks Collage

Of course, any aerial silks session has to begin with a silly selfie warmup.


The first step was to learn to tie a knot in our silks – a main knot that you use to sit, stand on, and do tricks on top of. Our instructor had us hang, using our arms, from the silks. It was then that I immediately realized how hard this was going to be, and that my journey to circus performer might not just be a one day thing. Only my own strength can save me now!


Let's just say it "got real" quickly. We learned how to flip upside down.


There was even some toe pointing to make things look more graceful and official. Whether or not I'm graceful is actually up for debate, but let's go with it for a moment. We only had an hour, but in that time we learned a bit of a mini routine. Here's my execution:

As you can see, it can use a little work, but I'm starting to get way more comfortable on the silks: And when all was said and done, we were proud of ourselves for giving it a shot. And we got to be circus performers for a day, which was cool.

Ready for the silks

A final word on aerial silks? WAY harder than I thought. You need core strength and a good sense of balance. But I can see how much this activity can tone your body, give you confidence, and probably improve your grace. And lord knows I need some of that! I'm so glad I tried this new activity – and I'm actually looking forward to trying aerial silks again!

Are aerial silks in your area? Find out in the Groupon Summer Shop – and see what other fun activities and eats are going on in your town. See you again soon with my next adventure!

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