Turn a drawer into a dollhouse

Turn a drawer into a dollhouseDrawers can be used for a lot of things – like holding socks, and underwear. Ha! They can also be upcycled into something different completely (and unexpected), and that’s what I like about this project. Nikki turned this drawer into a dollhouse using Mod Podge Gloss, and she also made some peg people to go inside. Did  I mention that I love peg people? Um, she didn’t just buy the peg people either . . . she made them from wood parts! If you have a wooden box or an old drawer, this is the perfect budget way to get your children the dollhouse they’ve always wanted. Move over Barbie . . . the peg people have moved into the neighborhood! Visit Nikki below to learn more about her cool project.

Old drawer turned peg doll house at Lotsa Kids, Little Crazy


  1. Christine Kiehl says

    This is so quick, easy and adorable! It’s on my DIY list now for my 5 year old granddaughter, Peanut! Thank you for sharing!