Make a bracelet from junk mail

Make a bracelet from junk mailA funny (or not so funny?) thing happened to me recently. I downloaded an app that was supposed to reduce the amount of junk mail I got by scanning each individual label (it was supposed to unsubscribe me from lists). I’m pretty sure that right after I downloaded this app and started scanning, I started getting more junk mail! I don’t really get it and would like to remedy the situation, but until that time, I’m going to use all of this extra mail in my decoupage projects. When I first spotted this DIY bracelet from Carolyn, I realized that it wasn’t pretty patterned paper, but instead pretty insides from junk mail! And the funny thing is that no one would ever know unless you told them. This is a fun craft for anyone (including kids who are bored this summer) and Carolyn makes it easy with her tutorial. Just visit her below.

Paper clip and junk mail bracelet at Homework

Here are some other decoupage projects you can do with junk mail and Mod Podge: