Glitter Mod Mold butterfly hair clips

Glitter Mod Mold butterfly hair clipsI love having a short hairstyle – it’s super fun! When I had long hair about 17 years ago, it made me look like Karen Carpenter. It was straight and heavy and hung in my face. It just didn’t work. One thing about short hair I love besides the freedom is how you can put barrettes in it for some style. I love cute hair clips on kids 

and adults, and I’ve been wanting to try them myself. I think these glitter hair clips with these lovely little Mod Melt butterflies are the direction I want to go in. Rachel created these cute little barrettes using some simple supplies (including Mod Molds) and I love them. Make some for yourself, your daughter or even for birthday party favors. You won’t believe how easy they are! Learn how to make them below.

Glitter Mod Melt hair clips at Architecture of a Mom