Add pizzazz to an air plant holder

Add pizzazz to an air plant holderBack in the day my roommate Cody had air plants. That was in our Seattle apartment we called “Ravenna” – that was above a wine shop on 65th Ave. I have great memories of that apartment, and the air plants are part of it. I remember when I first saw those air plants, I thought they were some sort of prehistoric miracle. What kind of plants don’t need soil? Cody had them hanging from strings, but that’s only because back then we didn’t know about holders, especially with Mod Podge and glitter. I know she’d be into making one of these now. We’d do it together (sniff, sniff). If you want to make one too, visit Christy at the link below. I’m amazed at how well she kept the glitter from going everywhere!

Add pizzazz to an air plant holder at Camp Makery