My top 5 workout tips (from a real person)

My top five workout tips (from a real person)I’m starting to work out again – and I’m kind of starting from scratch. Yes, it’s been FIVE months since I have been able to work out, because of a foot injury I sustained in 2012 that finally got treated. I ended up in a walking boot with shots . . . and sitting on my buns for a long time. I couldn’t travel, work out, and for awhile I couldn’t even drive or really walk. Now I’m not exactly a fitness model (okay, not even close), but I do like to be active. However, I don’t love working out. Let’s be honest – I kind of hate it. I make myself do it! But here’s my philosophy: if I can work out regularly, you can too. It’s good for you and it gets the endorphins going, and you can eat more frozen yogurt (bonus, right?). If you need some workout tips – tips from a real person – here they are. My top five tips for working out!

1. Use a smartphone app for tracking. There are a ton of them – but my personal favorite is RunKeeper. You can track workouts on it, set goals, and it even cheers for you. That’s exactly what I need! You can walk and run and have it track you via GPS, so it’s perfect. You don’t have to do much more than walk out your front door to get started.

IMG_37932. Show up. I read something recently that said “showing up is better than nothing.” And it’s true. Walking for 15 minutes is better than walking for zero minutes. Start by making yourself do 10 minutes with the dog and go from there. My personal goal is to go to the YMCA four times a week. Even if I just get there, start crying, and leave (just kidding!). But seriously, even if my workout is horrible, at least I went.

3. Switch it up. I don’t do long pulls on one machine at the Y. I do the elliptical for 30 minutes and the stationary cycle for 30 minutes as I get started back. I also add in some walking, and I’m going to add in some running soon. Even if you just do 10 minutes on three machines, that’s something. Then you won’t get bored.

IMG_37964. Cover up your timers. If I look at the timers on my machine I want to quit. I have zero patience, what can I say? So if I don’t look, the time seems to go by faster. If I’m out walking and use the Runkeeper app, I turn off the notifications. If I have to be somewhere, I just set a timer for midway and then the end. I try to get in the zone.

5. If you feel “weird,” slow down. Let’s be honest, sometimes I feel weak or like I’m going to throw up while I’m working out. I think it’s normal, at least for me. So I don’t push myself – I slow down until I feel a little better. If you are dizzy then stop, but otherwise, just slow down. You don’t have to be a beast, and you have nothing to prove (that’s the real, non-working person in me speaking).

DSC_2743And here’s another bonus tip for working out, because I care. If you have somewhere to be after working out and can’t stop for a shower, try Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths. These things are amazing! I just keep them in my workout bag. These cloths instantly cool skin on contact and leave skin perfectly fresh through a translucent, superfine powder that never leaves sticky residue. You can use them anywhere . . . on your neck, chest and underarms.

If you can believe it, the Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloth are selling out in many locations and are now being sold on eBay! If you want to find them, look in the deodorant aisle in grocery stores, mass retailers and drugstores nationwide. They come in three great scents: Enliven, Invigorate, and Restore.

Now that I shared my top tips for working out, what are yours?

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Ban via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ban or Momtrends.


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    Showing up is definitely the hardest part for me!!!! I do LOVE the sound of the cooling cloths, though. I hate being too hot and I hate being “stinky” so they sound, oh, pretty much perfect!!!

    – Brooke -

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    I need to watch something on Netflix while I’m on the elliptical. Otherwise, it’s the looooongest hour of my life!
    Those wipes look like a great alternative to taking a shower at the gym!