Summer vacation beach in a box

Summer vacation beach in a boxLet’s face it, not everyone gets to have a beach vacation every year. Sometimes the timing just isn’t there or the finances don’t work out. But Shaunte came up with a great idea that made me smile – a beach in the box! And when I say beach in the box, there is sand, shells, flip flops, and a little decoupaged beach scene on the back of the box. It cracks me up! You could make a different version depending on the recipient . . . for instance, I’d love camping in a box. Someone else might love a city scene in a box. There are so many possibilities, and that’s why I love this idea. Right now I’m hungry so I’d love a dessert bar in a box. What would you want in your box?

Beach in a box at Crafts Unleashed


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    Wow! It’s like a sandbox for adults! This is exactly what I need to make for myself. Beach vacation is out for the summer. I could go for a camping box, too. Ideas are spinning!! Oooh, an English garden box (artificial turf, etc.). Miniature golf box. Demolition derby box with miniature monster trucks and a little mud (brown color slime or something that won’t dry out).

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        I think this might work well for the mud pit >> homemade gak recipe. I’d use brown food coloring (I just googled “brown food coloring” and found some inexpensive solutions).

        When I make a demolition derby box, I’ll post it on my site and share with you here (of course I’ll attribute your link as the original idea). Can hardly wait!