Recycled crafts: paper yarn pendant lamp

Recycled craft: paper yarn pendant lampI have a bit of an obsession with lamps. I love buying them (I have more than I have rooms to go in), I love making them, and I love admiring them. Okay, I should correct myself about one thing – I’m not really a lamp “maker” but rather, a lamp decorator. I like taking existing lamps and making them into something that fits my personality a bit more. 

This post actually makes me think a bit about making my own lamps rather than just decorating. It was made using a recycled two-liter bottle, paper yarn, and decoupage medium! I’d never heard of paper yarn, so I guess you could say that I learned a few new things today. Now I need to think about what I can use as a form and what materials I can turn into a lamp. The “juices are flowin'” as they say. If you want to be inspired too, visit the lamp tutorial below.

Designer paper lamp at Instructables