Party in a Jar book review

Party in a Jar by Vanessa CoppolaA ton of craft bloggers are writing books these days. And you know what I have to say about that? YAY! I especially love it when a brilliant blogger I know takes a great project idea and expands it to a topic on the written page. Of course I love blogs, but I also love having a “real” book to touch and hold. Don’t you? Party in a Jar: 16 Kid-Friendly Jar Projects for Parties, Holidays & Special Occasions is a new craft book release by my friend Vanessa Coppola of See Vanessa Craft. Jars are HUGE in the handmade niche right now, so this title is right on time. The projects are super cute – you’re going to squeal at some of them. Allow me to jump in and tell you my five favorite things about this book.

Party-in-a-Jar-Book-Ideas1. The variety of ideas – Are you looking for an activity to keep your children busy for an afternoon? Something to give as a gift? Perhaps party decorations or favors? There are some really fun ideas in this book that can be translated to a bunch of applications . . . it’s really up to you. I promise your crafty wheels will be spinning!

2. All projects can be done by kids – Depending on the age, some projects might require a little help from an adult, but there’s nothing in this book that’s too challenging for most children. How cool if a kid can help decorate for their own birthday party or create favors for their guests!

Party-in-a-Jar-by-Vanessa-Coppola-2 (1)3. These crafts are budget friendly – First of all, you need to start saving your glass jars now if you aren’t already. Any of these crafts can be made using recycled pickle jars, peanut butter containers, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes and sizes of jars. In fact, this typically makes a project more interesting.

4. Simple supplies, cute projects – I was impressed with how cute Vanessa was able to make the projects with simple supplies. If you have basic craft supplies for kids, then you probably won’t need to purchase much to complete these crafts. They’re simple, but they look good (thank you very much).

Order-Party-in-a-Jar-from-Gibbs-Smith.com_5. I need a bunny full of bath bombs – I always pick a favorite project, and this one was too cute for words. I love googly eyes, but I also love bath bombs. If you want to give me a jar full of homemade bath bombs, I’ll be your best friend forever!

If you’re in the market for a great craft book with a variety of kid friendly crafts, pick up a copy of Party in a Jar. Now that summer is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get creative with jars!

Want a signed copy? Vanessa will be sending out signed (super cute mason jar) bookplates to stick inside the books by request. To request a bookplate, email [email protected] with the subject line BOOKPLATE. She’ll need proof of purchase (Amazon order screen shot, photo of receipt, etc.) and a shipping address. If you purchase the book and share projects online, don’t forget to use the hashtag #partyinajar!

*All photography courtesy of Jennifer Roberts