Make dyed mason jars that you can write on!

Make dyed mason jars that you can write on - with clear chalkboard paint!The mason jar fad doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon – and let’s face it – I love it! Decorating mason jars is really fun and easy, especially with Mod Podge. If you love the dyed mason jars trend, then you must check out the Mod Podge Sheer Colors if you haven’t already. They are bright and awesome and you don’t need to mix anything yourself.I decided to use the Mod Podge Sheer Colors to dye these jars and then added the ability to write on them with a special chalkboard paint – that’s clear! These jars are simple, but that is what I like about them. You can write anything you like on the side . . . I’ll show you how it’s done.

Gather These Supplies

  • Mason jars – any size; you can also use old glass jars
  • Mod Podge Sheer Colors
  • FolkArt chalkboard paint – clear
  • Chalk

IMG_3355The Sheer Colors are really easy to use. Just add your favorite shade to the inside of the jar, then roll around until you cover. I’d start out with just a little bit and then add more as you need, so you don’t waste any.

IMG_3356Once I’ve covered the insides of my jars, I place them upside down on paper towels for awhile to let the excess drain out. You’ll need to move them around every so often so that you don’t glue the Mod Podge to the paper. Once you’ve drained out enough, you can turn them over to fully dry.

IMG_3474I almost pooped my pants when I found out about clear chalkboard paint. Isn’t that cool?!

IMG_3475You just paint the clear chalkboard paint directly on top of the jar. Give it several coats, letting dry between coats.

IMG_3486Then when you’re done, prepare it like you would regular chalkboard paint (according to the bottle instructions).

Make dyed mason jars that you can write on with clear chalkboard paint!.jpgYou can write on the surface with chalk – amazing!

Make dyed mason jars that you can write on - with clear chalkboard paint!I inadvertently made these jars using Halloween colors – it IS my favorite holiday! Wasn’t that an easy craft? Now . . . what else can I dye and write on?


  1. Donna Marie Rosato says

    There’s clear chalkboard paint!!! Shut the front door! This is the most amazing thing. My mind is reeling.