I love a cute gnome house

The cutest gnome house ever - easy to make!I don’t know what the real story with gnomes is, but for me, they are good luck. At least that is what I tell myself, anyway. Even if they aren’t really, I love them! Gnomes are funny little characters and I always have one on my front porch to welcome visitors. I’m loving that Morena took it a step further and made a little home for them on her tree! She used Outdoor Mod Podge to seal the doors and windows so that her project didn’t go down the toilet with the first rain. This project is also a perfect outdoor idea for the little ones, and they can check the status of their gnome house each morning. Who knows . . . maybe a magic gnome will appear when they least expect it! Learn how Morena made it at the link below.

Gnome tree house at Crafts Unleashed