Easy birthplace map keychains

Easy birthplace map keychainsIf you haven’t tried the Mod Podge Podgeable shapes, your life is about to get way more fun. These shapes can do it all . . . if only they could do the dishes! (ba-dum). Enough horrible jokes, at least for now. Amanda made this keychain using the shapes as charms, and for each individual charm, she included an image of the map where one of her children was born.

I really like how this add a special touch to the project as opposed to just a standard photo.  You can make this for your man for Father’s Day (with maps of our children), but it doesn’t just have to be birthplaces. What about special vacations or places you’ve lived? There’s a lot you can do with this idea, so immuna need you to go get some Podgeable shapes and do it. Learn how to make them from Amanda below.

Birthplace map keychain charms at Crafts By Amanda