On donating my time and money

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Good Scout.
IMG_3667Anyone that reads this blog (or especially follows me on Instagram) knows that I love my dogs. I am maybe a little obsessed with them? Okay – that’s not the right word – but you know what I mean! I’m a very passionate dog owner, and for many years I was also a very passionate dog rescuer. I spent many years running a foster program for a small rescue group here in Atlanta, and I loved it. And as some of you know, about a year ago my boyfriend found a pup on the street, and now she is my pup. Meet Yoshi:


I love donating my time and money to animals that need it (hey, I’m not opposed to saving cats, horses, and hamsters!). I particularly enjoy buying products that support animal rescue efforts – I just recently purchased a dog gate that donated 10% of proceeds to the ASPCA. I always look for that if I can. And if I’m asked to donate money to animal rescue at a register, I pretty much always give at least a few dollars.

But not all donation methods work for everyone, even if you love the charity you are being asked to donate to. How do you feel when you are asked to donate a little bit of extra cash at the grocery register? What about when a friend sends you an email to sponsor her in a three day walk for something she cares about? And then finally, what about when someone calls you and asks for a donation over the phone?

Good Scout Group is currently conducting a survey to find out your feelings on donor experience and your preferences. Good Scout is a social agency helping brands accomplish a greater good based on research . . . and they need your help! They would love for you to take the survey as well as sign up to participate in their focus group on donor experience (on the survey). Those selected to participate in the focus group will receive an Amazon.com gift card valued at $20!

One thing Good Scout knows is that giving is increasing year over year, so they really want to know what motivates you to give as the industry continues to evolve. So take a few minutes (it literally doesn’t take long) and fill out the survey. You get to make your opinions heard, and you’ll also ultimately help charities get more money by knowing how best to approach donors. Do it now! Yoshi and Roxie say thank you!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Good Scout.


  1. Heather says

    I generally don’t have a problem giving an extra $1-5 at the register of stores that I trust – but most of the time, I donate my time to help.