DIY ring catchers with Sheer Colors

DIY ring catchers using Mod Podge sheer colorsThe Mod Podge Sheer Colors are making a huge impression on people – and it’s awesome! Having the dye already in the Mod Podge is very convenient. But what else can you do with them besides dye mason jars? Well, there are a lot of things . . . and this is one of those great ideas from Camilla! When I first saw it I fell in love – I love how she combined all of the colors and how unique the look is. I think the blue dish is my favorite. She didn’t just decorate dishes though . . . she turned them into useful jewelry catchers. Because if you are like me, you tend to drop earrings and other jewelry anywhere (the bottom of your purse, your glove box, inside a kitchen drawer). To learn how she did these, click the link below. I’m making some immediately!

DIY ring catchers at Family Chic