5 tips for a great girls’ night in!

5 tips for a great girls' night in

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Have you ever had a girls’ night in? I’ve only done it a few times in my twenties, but I think it’s time for another one! As you get older, it’s common to grew further apart from your girlfriends . . . husbands, jobs, children, pets and other obligations get in the way. But I think it’s important to make time for my best buds, so I’m going to plan one in the near future. If you haven’t caught up with your girls in awhile, I encourage you to do the same. I’ve been thinking about how to have a fun girls’ night in and how I will pull the evening together. I’ve got five things on the list that I’m definitely going to incorporate, and I wanted to share with you in case you need help planning. Here are my top 5 tips for a great girls’ night in:

1. Pick a theme. Everyone knows that girls love themes! Maybe it’s bunko night, or a fashion swap, or a craft party (which I highly recommend!) . . . maybe you even have everyone dress in their best 80s slumber party costumes. I’m not sure which theme I like the best yet, but I’m leaning towards Mexican Fiesta night. I love the food and drinks!

2. Make a playlist. You definitely need music for the evening. It can either be in concert with your theme, or you can just go for fun tunes that encourage girl bonding. Here’s a great place to get song suggestions.

3. Watch a chick flick. I mean, this goes without saying, right? If you are going to have a girl’s night in, you have to have a great selection of movies. Here are some chick flicks to choose from. I personally love the The Wedding Planner or Pitch Perfect, if I had to pick.

4. Make desserts in sample sizes. There is nothing better than dessert, but I like being able to have a little bit of everything (what can I say, I want it all!). If everyone brings a dessert, have them bring sample sizes so that you get a little taste of all the sweets – and it makes it easier to divide and take home.

5. Incorporate a fancy drink recipe into the evening. I’d love to share with you one of my favorite refreshing drink recipes that I love for warm weather – and I think it would work for a girls’ night in, too. You can have it with alcohol or without . . . I’ll leave that up to you. I call it Fizzy Raspberry Cream!


IMG_3872This is my secret ingredient – Trop50 Raspberry Acai. This drink is delicious, and it has 50% less sugar and calories than 100% juice blends. I love it because I can drink it without all the calories of other beverages! You’ll also need Almondmilk in Unsweetened Vanilla and Sprite. You can add liquor if you like (I recommend a clear liquor).

IMG_3855Grab a glass and put some ice in – pour in about 1/3 with Raspberry Acai.

IMG_3862Fill the glass another 1/3 full with Sprite. You can add alcohol at this time too if you like.

IMG_3863Then – and I know it sounds crazy – add about 1/4 cup of the Almondmilk on top. What I love is that it adds a creaminess to the drink, but doesn’t make me bloat like milk (and doesn’t have all of the calories).

IMG_3868Now you have a delicious beverage – super yummy and different than other things you’ve tried, I promise (in a good way). You need to stir with a swizzle stick before drinking. Yay!

For more ideas for your girls’ night in, check out the Foodie Pinterest board here. Take a peek at these other recipes you’re going to love as well:

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unnamedTrop50 has the great taste and natural goodness you expect from Tropicana, but with 50% less sugar and calories and no artificial sweeteners.

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    Just not having to put the kids to bed right now would be a welcome relief. And that almond milk thing sounds great! Although because I’m a sugar addict, I’d probably try condensed milk!

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    Ok that drink sound awesome! Pair it with a Series Binge watch on Netflix and a girls night in you have! I’m into Torchwood right now, so that’s at least 4 seasons of non-stop hottie action. I think I’ll need more Tropicana!

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    Okay.. the milk thing freaked me out, but then I considered the beloved creamsicle or orange juliuses and I figure, you are probably right. It actually makes sense!