Simple decoupage wood magnets

Simple wood Mod Podged magnetsRecently I let my Mod Podge manfriend use some Home Depot gift cards to get a chain saw. You would have thought I bought him a new Ferrari. It was slightly disturbing how much he enjoyed using it to cut down a fallen tree, but hey, who am I to deny someone their fun? The good news is that now that he has gotten the chainsaw all ready to go, so now I can make these decoupaged wood magnets just like Rachel did. If you see your significant other chainsawing in the backyard, remind him to take a few extra minutes to cut some wood slices. You can make these magnets, or if the pieces are big enough, maybe even some coasters and trivets. It’s really easy; learn how to do it below.

Wooden magnets at The Crafted Life

Making magnets is one of the easiest decoupage crafts you can do. Here are some other options: