An exciting green thumb update!

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine.


I am thrilled beyond belief my friends – I have a great update on my Scott’s Gro-ables. I shared with you in a previous post that I have a huge “brown thumb,” which stinks because I’ve always wanted to grow veggies and herbs in my kitchen and save some money. There’s nothing like making a yummy recipe and picking my own fresh herbs from my own countertop. I love it! Check out individual images of my (soon-to-be) delicious plants:

IMG_3636 IMG_3635 IMG_3634

I’m growing sweet peppers, basil, and smooth-leaf spinach. My goal is to eventually have a Salad & Herb garden that you can see here. I’m moving May 1st, and I’ll have a little bit more patio space to spread out. I can’t wait to expand my little garden! If you have never tried gardening before or feel like you have a brown thumb, give these Gro-ables a try. If you can do it, so can I. Here are the best things about these little guys.

  • They are easy to use, and designed for people who are new to gardening
  • Guaranteed to grow, when used as directed
  • Takes the guesswork out of gardening and growing your own food
  • Gro-ables simplify the gardening process so it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing
  • Perfect for growing edibles – growing your own herbs and vegetables
  • Affordable ($1.29 – $1.49 per seed pod)

For more information, take a peek at this awesome video:

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