Easel place cards using Mod Melts

Easel place cards using Mod MeltsGreat news, my friends – you can create your own embellishments! If you are familiar with Mod Melts and Molds by my friends Cathie and Steve, then you already knew that. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to make my own embellishments . . . as many as I want. And three-dimensional, too. AND you can paint them any colors you like! Morena painted hers white for a tone-on-tone look with her dry erase easel place cards. I think these would be perfect for an Easter brunch, or any celebration where you want to have cute place cards. Then reuse them over and over again. There – you just spent a few bucks to make place cards that will last forever. Isn’t that nice?

Pottery Barn inspired easel place cards for Easter at Crafts Unleashed

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