DIY vintage wood travel games

DIY Wooden Vintage Travel Games SetI had a very entertaining childhood. You see, we NEVER did anything normally. I don’t know if it was because my mom was a teacher, or because my parents used to be hippies, or because they just liked to be different. For instance, we never had those crazy-flashing-beeping electronic toys. We had wood blocks and we played outside. We gardened and dehydrated. We did have a few board games, but the one we played most often was Skittles. Yes – we spun a wood top to knock over wood pins, just like pioneer children.

As an adult, I completely appreciate how I was raised – so when I saw these vintage games made by Laura, it warmed my heart. The only way she could improve the project is to make her children cut down a tree and whittle the box out of wood (KIDDING!). But seriously, these games are just as entertaining as an iPad, and will keep your children busy for hours. If you want handmade games that your kids will love, check out the project at the link below.

DIY vintage wood travel games at Make Life Lovely