Painted canvas Mod Podge photo transfer

Painted canvas Mod Podge photo transferI know what your question is going to be. Why would you transfer a photo to a canvas as opposed to just decoupaging the printed image directly to the canvas? Well, my friends, Mod Podge photo transfer medium just gives an image a different look. I love the vintage, (slightly) faded feel, and you also don’t have to worry about wrinkles, which is pretty nice since canvas isn’t the easiest surface to Mod Podge a sheet of paper to. If you’ve been holding off on trying the photo transfer medium, give it a go – it’s pretty fun. Give it a few tries and I promise you’ll be good to go! Learn how to make this canvas below.

Painted canvas: Mod Podge photo transfer at Finding Home


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    I love it for the same reasons! I hate when I get wrinkles in my paper with decoupage, and I like the finished look of transferred images better. It’s a littler more labor intensive but so worth it!