My 15 seconds of drama and a contest.

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IMG_2764For someone without children, I have a lot of drama in my life. I don’t mean of the soap opera variety – it’s more like the little things that happen to me daily that I have to fuss with: spilling paint, barking dogs, broken craft supplies.  . those type of things. I’m pretty sure it’s a result of working for myself – there is so much more for me to mess up!

To share a little bit of my daily drama, I created this video:

You should create your own #15SecondsofDrama video. Why? Because is having a contest! You can submit for a chance to win $35,000 towards a new car plus the help of a expert to ensure your car shopping experience is drama-free.

Even if you don’t create a video (but why wouldn’t you?), you should visit the 15 Seconds of Drama website,, where you can watch and vote for user videos and help others win the grand prize. Look for a bowl of cereal, some spilled paint and a barking pug. Then you know you’ve found me. Good luck!

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