Mason jar lanterns made by kids

mason jar lanterns made by kidsI’ve seen a lot of fancy mason jar crafts out there on the interwebs – beautiful jars that are perfect for home decor. But you know what? Kids love to craft with mason jars too! Tara got her little ones to make some lanterns using pretty shades of acrylic paint, and then coated them with Outdoor Mod Podge so they would be super durable. You can hang them anywhere, and they would be really fun for a backyard campout. Learn how they were made from Tara below.

DIY mason jar lanterns at Suburble

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    Thank you so much for sharing our lanterns, Amy! My girls are still so proud of these, almost a year later! (That Mod Podge Outdoor stuff is fabulous!)

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    I was so excited to visit Mod Podge Rocks today and see my fellow local blogger Tara from Suburble featured! These mason jar lanterns are so cute! Another great Mod Podge project share Amy. :)