Make jewelry with miniatures and bottlecaps

How to make jewelry with miniaturesI’ve been seeing a lot of miniatures at craft stores and online – and I’m desperate to do something with them. I squeal when I see them. I mean, who doesn’t love a small soda can? Or sausage and egg breakfast that is 1/278th of the original size? Morena added these miniatures to bottles caps with some Dimensional Magic to make some cool jewelry that is definitely also unique. If you haven’t tried Dimensional Magic, a project like this is a great place to start. I recommend picking your favorite minis and personalizing some necklaces for gifts. I’m loving this little Raggedy Annie. What minis would you put in your necklace?

Custom bottle caps at Crafts Unleashed


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    Very cool! I’ve been looking for miniature things for miniature figures. Can you please share which craft stores/online shops carry 1/278 miniature items? Thanks! :)