Decoupage a collage clipboard

Make a photo collage clipboard for dadIf you think that buying gifts for any of the guys in your life is hard, I would like you to meet my dad. Even my mom would tell you he’s the hardest person to buy for. I’ve tried everything. The leg lamp I bought for him din’t go over so well:

leg lampNeither did the make your own mousepad kit, or the mini replica of the Billy Ray Cyrus tour bus (I’m not sure why I got that since I don’t even know if my dad likes BRC). I thought that if you don’t know what to get, you should go for funny. But no, that isn’t the answer. You go for personalized. And that’s where this clipboard from Amanda comes in. It’s the perfect personalized gift for a guy! Simply pick photos that represent his favorite memories or interests, and you are good to go. Not only that, but it’s budget friendly . . . you just can’t beat it. To make this clipboard, visit Amanda at the link below.

Photo collage clipboard at Crafts By Amanda