Wrapping paper monogram art with Mod Podge

Wrapping paper monogram art with Mod PodgeI have to admit, I jumped back a little bit when I saw this photo. I have that burlap canvas and wrapping paper used on the ampersand, and I have a little succulent like that. I also have that exact same owl used as a prop. OMG, is Heather stalking me?? Hahaha! It’s much more likely that I am stalking her, since she actually did a project with her supplies, while mine are sitting in the bag still (what else is new?). The paper was purchased from the Michaels $1 bins, which I shop every time I’m there – you never know what goodies you are going to find! The canvas is also from Michaels. Heather put all of her supplies together with Mod Podge in such a fun way, and now I realize that I need to get off my buns and get a project going (I just have to figure out what to do!). If you want to see how Heather made her art, click the link below.

Wrapping paper letters and burlap art at At the Picket Fence