NEW Mod Podge Rocks stencils giveaway week 3.

Win a Mod Podge Rocks value set - including the new Mod Podge Rocks stencils!So for the last two weeks I’ve had giveaways for the new Mod Podge Rocks adhesive stencils! This is the third week, and we’ll have one more after this. I’m so excited to be getting this new product into your hands! The stencils are being released in Michaels stores over the next few weeks (they are in some stores already!), along with the new sheer colors:

FI_539If you head to your nearest Michaels, you’ll find other new Mod Podge goodies too. It’s an exciting time in the world of Mod Podge!

My products are these six new Mod Podge Rocks branded stencils, and I’m thrilled for my first product release. Here they are:

New Mod Podge Rocks stencils - make detailed designs using Mod Podge and glitter or sand!They are adhesive stencils that you can use with Mod Podge and glitter or sand to make projects like these:

New Mod Podge Rocks stencils - make detailed designs using Mod Podge and glitter or sand!I’ve been sharing tutorials showing you how to make these fun projects, but I’d also love for you to check out my new stencils at Michaels! In this weekly giveaway the prize is a package of the six new Mod Podge Rocks stencils along with other Mod Podge supplies – a value of at least $50! You’ll definitely get the six stencils, and the other supplies are going to be a surprise . . . but I’m a good picker, I promise.

Learn more about the product here, and find your nearest Michaels here. And now for the giveaway! Enter below to win – and come back for the final giveaway next Sunday. Happy Mod Podging!
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  1. shirley tener says

    I am decorating my studio, I could us them for my new storage, message board, jars that I put things in..

  2. Cheryl Usher says

    I bought the mod podge melt sticks and haveccolored them with permanent markers. My question is now can I seal them with mod podge melt. Gloss?

  3. Katherine says

    There is a children’s rocking chair I’d love to use some on…and some glass canisters I want to do. I SO want these stencils! Thank you for such a generous giveaway, as always!

  4. Amy N. says

    I was actually looking at these at Michaels the other day. I was thinking I might get some to decorate some items for my wedding.

  5. Leslie K says

    What wouldn’t I do with them? lol.. I tend to make my own greeting cards and I’m trying to scrap book more..SO I would probably use it for that.

  6. Stephanie lee says

    I love to make things as gifts for friends and family. I love to learn new craft techniques.

  7. kate says

    what would I use these stencils for well how about cards, mugs, furniture, jars, wrapping paper, clothing the list is endless

  8. Dolores Q. says

    I would use them in my crafting and I also have a corner cabinet in my kitchen I’ve been thinking of redoing.

  9. Tracey Mallaghan says

    Thanks for your tutorials. I am new to crafting, about a year and have only recently started using mod podge. I love it! next project upcycling and beautifying my old TV cabinet. Your stencils are fab, congrats you must be very proud :)

  10. Denise Key says

    I love these new stencils! I’ve trie to win them and drove 30 miles to my nearest Michaels and they didn’t have them I was so disappointed cause that’s what I went for was these stencils! I’m wanting to use these for a couple of projects! Please pick me!

  11. Maggie Latham says

    I love your blog! Love MP and your new products look like fun. Would use them to make journal covers.

  12. Jennifer Garnick says

    I want to try something like the glass tray with teal glitter that you did the tutorial on, but maybe with a mirror or something like that. It looks amazing, btw.

  13. Lisa Cowell says

    My first thought would be to decorate plain candles with some textured design, but I can see lots of other uses for these.

  14. Pattie McClimans says

    I love your designs! The key one looks especially useful, I can think of many uses for several of these. Don’t know which one is in your giveaway but I could use any of them.

  15. barbara macaskill says

    A better question would be what WOULDN’T I do with these stencils!!!! I would decorate my hallway that needs some loving, use them for card making and my mixed media projects to start with! They would also make cool wrapping paper and gift bags! I am in love with the stencils and the new Sheer Colors!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! It may be a while since the nearest Michael’s is a 2 hour round trip and I can’t drive because of health issues! Thank you for your continued generosity and the chance t o win such awesome goodies!!!

  16. Carla Hundley says

    I love these and I would
    use them on some cards
    and on some boxes I want
    to decorate.
    Carla from Utah

  17. Tom says

    I would like to use the stencils in my art work (including painting and printmaking) to add embellishments and texture.

  18. Tina R. says

    I have a frame I want to do like the one you did and I am going to make a cork board/vision board for my office and I want to stencil the keys on it and I have skeleton keys I will add to the frame as well. The board will have different sections….Keys to happiness….(goals) keys to success (plans for building my business….Keys to my heart (things I want)! And so many other fun projects rolling around in my brain!

  19. Cathy says

    I love the simple picture frames you did above==I’d like to try both! OK, I wouldn’t put a dog in mine, but my DS.

  20. Mary karas says

    I have used mod podge and food coloring to make my own stunning colored glassware. Mod Podge Rocks

  21. RobinM says

    I would use them to decorate my craft space which I am currently organizing and make some cute cards, frames, etc. :)

  22. Nancy says

    I think the question should be what WON’T you stencil with these awesome puppies??? Coasters, trivets, walls, cork, clock, etc. I can go on and on!

  23. Last Minute Lynn says

    I love the stencils. I would love to use them to make “backgrounds” for cards and other projects. They are so versatile and I can’t wait to try them!

  24. Patricia Ann says

    I have purchased a lot of glass vases, candlesticks, etc., at thrift stores that I would love to try these stencils on.

  25. Kristina Barzdenis says

    Ooh the contest is going on again yay ! =] *fingerscrossed* would be sweet to win !
    Regardless though – still can’t wait to work with the stencils <3
    Thanks again for the opportunity !!

  26. Ricki Duke says

    I would first like to try them on paper then on to some jars. Then I am redecorating the bedroom, so maybe a little cute accent here and there in the bedroom would look cute too!

  27. Tracey Graham says

    I have so many uses in mind, the first would be for some drawer fronts. The second I have and area around my bathroom window thatneeds some jazzing up. All depends on the pattern I might win. :-)

  28. Betty Nelson says

    I have trouble painting round surfaces and I think these stencils would be great for bottles, round boxes, anything in the round….

  29. Karen varney says

    I am just starting to use stencils in my projects, and these would make a great addition to my collection. They are fantastic, and I can see many uses for them.

  30. Patty says

    I am not sure what I would do. I need to have these stencils in my hot lil hands & look at them & meditate on them, & let the creativity flow!

  31. melanie says

    I would love these! I just had a procedure on my knee and have to be off my feet for a while. These would help relieve some of the boredom.

  32. Diane says

    I am a preschool teacher and like to make my own materials for my kiddos. I love Modge Podge and can do so much with it. Would love these stencils.

  33. vp24 says

    I’m new to the Mod Podge scene, and these stencils are so cute. Especially the vintage skeleton keys. Can’t wait to use them!!

  34. Elizabeth says

    I would definitely use these stencils on the door of my hutch. It has three doors with a sheet of glass on every one :)

  35. Debbie kappler says

    I need to get to Michaels and buy some of the sheer colors, they look fantastic. I am making some wall art and the stencils would be a nice touch.

  36. aSHley says

    Love it all! I rather make homemade gifts, it means more. Just finding time to do it is what gets me so I normally craft at night after I put my son to bed lol call it my me time.

  37. Jeanne J says

    I love the key stencil! want to do some mixed media canvases,…and I really want the colored mod podge for reusing/recycling old jars!!! yes, please!!!