My party cleanup tips – and some fun party crashers.

photoOne of my best friends is a party person. Maya loves hosting parties, and as her crafty companion, she has brought me into her crazy party world. So far we’ve hosted a Friendsgiving and Super Bowl party together, and I’m sure there are going to be others. Well, I’ve learned a few things about party cleanup since hanging out with her! I’ve not given much thought to this in the past (hey, I was always a guest), but now that I’m hosting more, it’s important. Here are my top five tips for party cleanup.

  1. Don’t go crazy with the party decorations. The more you decorate, the more you have to take down when you are done. Plan the party decor ahead of time (a list helps) and then simplify it. More isn’t necessarily better!
  2. Clean a little as you go. You don’t have to be the crazy party cleaner (enjoy your own party!), but it can help to throw away empties and full trash bags if you see them. Also soaking food dishes as needed helps.
  3. Have containers for guests to take food. Don’t end up with a ton of food that you don’t know what to do with! Have some plastic containers that guests can grab goodies with. You’ll watch your food clean up time reduce significantly!
  4. Don’t wait for the next morning. I tend to like to leave things, but my friend Maya has taught me that this is not the best way to operate when it comes to party pick up. You’ll look at the mess the next day and want to cry. Just pick it up that night, even if it’s hard. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up to a clean house.
  5. Have plenty of trash bags ready. There’s nothing worse than looking in the cabinet and realizing you have one trash bag left to clean up a large party. Make sure you have enough supplies on hand for cleaning time!

We all know that the worst thing about parties is the clean up, right? To show how well their black bags do the job, Glad has created some hilarious videos all about America’s wildest parties. Check out the Trash Crashers below; wouldn’t you love to have them at your next shindig?

And after you’ve watched the video, I’m sure you have party pick up tips you’d like to share. I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Nicole says

    I love Glad trash bags. With a family of 5 you get the job done!!! We have so many art projects, trash, non~Ecofriendly pieces that has to go in a durable bag!!!! We love Glad trash bags as they keep this Mom of 5 organized, help with safety and my sanity!

    Love~ Dedicated Mommy of 5