Mealtime excitement with my pooches.

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IMG_3332Does anyone else have dogs that get maybe a little too excited to eat? I’ve got a couple of piggies in this house. Roxie, my pug was here first – then came Yoshi, adopted last year (see her above). I’m pretty Roxie taught Yoshi that mealtime was  a reason to get crazy excited. The only thing about Yoshi is that she is really picky!

So what do I do? I mix wet ALPO’s variety dog food with her dry kibble! As I said, she gets really excited to eat, but we’re working on the jumping . . . so I make her wait patiently as I prepare her food. What do you think?

ALPO Collage

Yep, her training is getting a little bit better! Please don’t laugh at my dog’s mini werewolf legs. Actually you can – they are hilarious! As you can see, this picky eater gobbled her food up.

ALPO T-Bone photo bc9fa0c1-a09c-4ce4-ae35-ac008ab07386_zpsa6baba3a.png

I use ALPO® Chop House cans in the 5.5 oz size to mix with Yoshi’s dry food. The ALPO® wet dog food is 100% complete and balanced and has quality ingredients, like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables, contribute to form a complete and balanced diet for each life stage. ALPO dog food helps support a happy, healthy life, a shiny coat, strong bones and teeth! You can learn more on their nutrition page.

ALPO Filet Mignon photo 2a6bde0a-ab21-4760-85ca-f96533ebce64_zps6a5aec0a.png

The ALPO® Chop House 5.5 oz offers unique flavors for your dog, such as T-Bone Steak Flavored Cuts, Tender Cuts With Lamb, Filet Mignon Flavor, and Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Cuts. Yoshi’s favorite flavor is the T-Bone Steak! And then there’s this piggie, who will eat any flavor. Look at what she does when I ask her to speak to get her food:

Roxie ALPO from Amy Anderson on Vimeo.

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