How to recycle those 8-track tapes

How to recycle those 8-track tapesSo my mom likes to tell me that one of the reasons she was attracted to my dad was that he had an 8-track player in his car. I can’t decide if this story is true or not, but hey – it sounds good! I spotted this cool craft idea from Kim and thought “that is hilarious!” She recycles everything that would otherwise go into the garbage, so why not 8-tracks? Then I realized that I TOO have that scrapbook paper she used above. So basically it was meant to be that I would feature this. What a great card idea for someone who vividly remembers 8-tracks, right? My mom should give one to my dad!

And you should definitely visit the link below and check out Kim’s blog. You won’t believe what she has done with recycled materials. It’s amazing!

8 track tape recycled music lyric art at Trashy Crafter