Plaid Lunch & Learn and a new product giveaway.

IMG_0017I’m going to have another giveaway for my new Mod Podge Rocks adhesive stencils this week, but before I do that, I want to tell you about something REALLY fun I did this past Thursday. On occasion I do demonstrations and activities outside of sitting on my buns and blogging, and I like to share – especially because this one was organized by Plaid and my good friend Chris Williams who directs the education program there (she’s a big pinner, visit her here). We got to do a live demonstration of the new products for the Plaid staff, so they could see how the stencils are used. We also talked about the NEW Mod Podge sheer colors AND celebrated the release of Plaid’s NEW blog . . . the Plaid Palette! Cool, huh?

IMG_0002A demonstration involves showing what kinds of things you can make with the product. Um, thank God Chris was in charge. I’m not good at this type of thing.

IMG_0009Each person had a place setting with a Mod Podge silicone mat, Mod Podge Gloss, Podgeable glitters, a spouncer, the new stencils and a mason jar. Get ready to craft!

IMG_0003They even made a design board for me so I could talk about what inspired me for each pattern! I love this thing! Chris also did an interview with me where you can learn more about that here.

IMG_0005Chris and Connie (who manages the Mod Podge line) gave everyone a little bit more information about the products and what you can do with them.

IMG_0010Then everyone started getting creative! They used their Mod Podge Rocks stencils with the new Podgeable glitters to decorate their mason jars.

IMG_0013I love this wild woman who went off of the grid – using FOUR colors on her jar. You can do that too!

IMG_0014Chris also demonstrated the Sheer Colors – and you are going to LOVE these. You can use colored Mod Podge to dye your own mason jars, creating custom storage, lanterns, etc. On the left is just after you’ve added the Mod Podge . . . and then the mason jar dries to a bright and awesome transparent shade of orange!

IMG_0015Plaid also touched my heart on Wednesday. They remembered my birthday (which is 1/24)! Not only that, but they got me a cake in MOD PODGE COLORS! It was the best day ever!

Everyone loved the Mod Podge Rocks stencils and Sheer Colors . . . and guess what. You are going to love them too! Before we move on to the giveaway, take a peek at these resources to learn more about what I shared with you. I wish you could have been at the lunch & learn too . . . but you can recreate it at home. Just head to Michaels to buy these goodies – they are coming out in ALL stores this week!

Win a Mod Podge Rocks value set - including the new Mod Podge Rocks stencils!
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  1. Audrey M. says

    I love to take old or plain frames and make them special for photos or quotes or to feature artwork around our house. These stencils would definitely help make those frames pretty!

  2. barbara macaskill says

    I would decorate my hallway that has been crying out for some love! Then I would move on to the grandkid’s room and go crazy decorating the walls which would then make me want to get some fabric and stencil matching curtains. After I made the matching curtains I would have to stencil a bedspread for each of their beds. While I was doing all of that I would have my husband making a toy box and bookcase that I would then stencil to match the walls, curtains and bedspreads!!! I know the grandkids would be so happy to come to our house and see that their room was finally decorated for them!
    I would also use the New Sheer Colors to decorate some mason jars that I would then turn into a hanging chandelier that I would hang in my craft room or my bedroom! I cannot wait to get my hands on the sheers!!! They look just amazing!!
    Thank you for the chance to win some awesome Mod Podge goodies! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed!!!

  3. Kathy E. says

    If I had these great stencils, I would use them on an old microwave cart that I’ve made over into a storage piece in my sewing room. It’s already pretty cool looking, but this would be the icing on the cake!

  4. Debbie says

    I have several Bath & Body Works candle jars that I have emptied. I would use the stencils to recycle them.

  5. says

    I love stencils! I love to personalize kitchen towels and gift bags, and for cards, and for jewelry. I will try a stencil on anything lol.

  6. Nancy says

    I have done cork rounds to be used as a bulletin board or just as hot pads. I’m going to do some offset photo frames as well. The bulletin boards have turned out fantastic!

  7. Lorrianne white says

    I would decorate & stencil old packaging items to use around the house or gift wrapping & make matching cards/tags! Also would love to give stencilling picture frames a go :)

  8. lesley says

    i would love to try to liven up all my plain clear plastic organizers in my crafting room – wonder if this would work

  9. heather says

    Wow these are so cool. Would be great for so many things but I think my first project would be the cupboard in my craft room and maybe the lampshade to match :)

  10. Denise Key says

    I absolutely love these new mod podge stencils and the beautiful colors. I would glitter up jars and hanging crafts that I do! Pick me I have wanted them since I watched the video! :)

  11. Gwen Brown says

    I’ve been looking at stencils and considering ways to venture into this media…these would be nice to start with!

  12. Denise says

    The ideas are endless! I’d start by coordinating storage containers and bins in my craft room.

  13. Judi Johnson says

    I hope they go to other stores then Michael’s. We don’t have one in our town. I can’t wait to find some to play with. Since they are Mod Podge that does mean they are not water proof right?

  14. Lisa Cowell says

    I have always liked to decoupage things to wooden blocks, plates, trays, etc. These stencils will make great backgrounds for some of these projects.

  15. Betty Nelson says

    I would create, create, create! Just what couldn’t I do…that is the question! I’d love to use those stencils over some mod podged paper napkins and pour on lots of glitter to make some pretty tags. Oh, and lots of bottle ideas… Oh, and lots of ideas…create, create, create!!!!

  16. Nikki says

    I can’t wait to try the sheer colors for glass! Looks so easy and I can do all sorts of things with the stencils and glitter!

  17. Michelle G says

    Would love to use those stencils for card making. They’d make great textured background papers.

  18. Bonnie says

    I bought some Dollar Store clear glass vases the other day – the stencils would be great on them.

  19. Ruthann r says

    need to update some frames for my wedding photos…. would be cool to create a new scrapbook using the stencils to tie the two together

  20. Augusta vigil says

    I’m just discovering the world of mod podge, and I’m excited. Anything that stimulates your artistic side is gift.

  21. Mary Karas says

    I would stencil jars for my craft desk so I could organize pens, pencils, scissors, etc. I have sooooo many jars of Mod Podge and my favorite one is the glitter. My granddaughter uses it every time she comes over to craft.

  22. Tina R. says

    Oh so many ways! The chevron I will use to make displays for my business. I think I will stencil it on a mirror and add words over the chevron that say “you deserve to be protected”. The wood grain I would use for a frame I have been wanting to do! This would be awesome! Love the keys too, well all of them and they would each get lots of use!

  23. CArmen lucero says

    So many new products ! Love all the new avenues to use modpodge! Thanks for the chance .

  24. denise says

    I just moved into a new studio and have so many home décor ideas in mind, I would use these stencils to help pretty up my new place!

  25. Janis in ID says

    I am wild over those dyed and stenciled mason jars……….GORGEOUS!!!! I want to do those!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  26. Kelly(flutterbyes) says

    OH my goodness!!! I am so itching to try the new mod podge stencils…love ALL of them! Oh and I must get some new translucent colors…they are so yummy, and my head is spinning with all the wonderful ideas on what to create!!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!! I wont sleep at all tonight!!!!!

  27. Kathyv says

    I have been working with modge podge most of the day on mixed media picture!! I love the stencils. They would come in handy doing mixed media. Thanks…love the colors too!!

  28. Sue says

    I’m not sure what I’d use the stencils for but since I do all kinds of crafting including paper I’d most likely use it there or even on fabric!

  29. Pam shipman says

    I would love to have these stencils to do different decorations on all the bottles and jars I save. I would love to win this time.

  30. Whitney says

    I would definitely spiff up things in my room with stencils. I tried this not too long ago and didn’t do so well, but I got some pointers for next time :)