Make the day easy: breakfast for lunch.

Amy freelanceOkay, who else LOVES breakfast . . . for meals besides breakfast? Come on, raise your hand! I really like to eat breakfast for lunch and dinner. It’s easy, and easy is a big deal for me. I don’t always like to cool a full meal, but I don’t necessarily want to get fast food. Wednesdays are a particularly big day for me. As a freelancer, I try to get out of the house as much as possible. If I sit at home too long, I worry about growing a beard and losing the ability to speak to real people. Ha! So Wednesdays are the day I always work out of the home, typically in a coffee shop.

And that is the day that I have to pack a lunch.

Lunch packing used to be stressful, until I realized that I can just do breakfast for lunch. It’s fun and something different! It’s also a way to get the nutrition and energy I need to keep from from feeling the 3pm slump. I throw some fruit in my Hello Kitty lunchbox along with milk and cereal.

My favorite cereals to pack for lunch are Kellogg’s FiberPlus’ and Kellogg’s Smart Start. So tasty, and I always look forward to my lunch. What are your solutions for a quick lunch – and do you ever eat breakfast mid-day?

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