Make a memory jar for the year

Make a 2014 memories jarLet’s face it – it can sometimes be easier to remember the bad things that happened, as opposed to the good things. Maybe because it’s fun to have a dramatic story to tell? Who doesn’t love to dish about bad boyfriends and horrible bosses and the jerk at the grocery store? But that’s the thing . . . we’re changing that in 2014. And by “we” I mean everyone reading this. Let’s make this year a time to focus on the good things. And that’s why this idea from Katie is perfect! Use this memories jar to remember those good times . . . the happy memories. Like when you found that $20 bill in the couch. Or when you got the last birthday cake pop at Starbucks. All you need now is a jar and a few supplies to start capturing those memories. Learn how to do it at the link below!

2014 memory jar DIY at Running with a Glue Gun


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    Hi Amy,
    I just wanted to Thank You for featuring my project. I been following your blog for the longest time and have always enjoyed your writing. You really made my day!
    Thanks So Much,