How to decoupage a Goodwill shelf

How to update a Goodwill shelf with Mod PodgeNow this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been to the Goodwill and re-done a few items with Mod Podge, but never a shelf. And goodness knows, if anyone needs more organization, it’s me. What has two thumbs and needs better ways to organize? This guy! Haha! I love the colors Morena chose and the way she made an out-of-date old shelf look like a million bucks. That would be kind of fun displaying craft supplies, but also action figures in a kids’ toy room! I can think of so many uses. You can never have enough ice cream sandwiches or shelves, in my opinion. Learn how Morena did it at the link below.

Update a Goodwill shelf with Mod Podge at Morena’s Corner


  1. Hilaire says

    I am doing the exact same thing right now, I bought a ribbon dispensing shelf with drawers from the Salvation Army for .99 cents ! I just started working on it, I hope it comes out as gorgeous as Morena’s find.