DIY glitter heart pillow

DIY glitter sequin metallic heart pillowTwo good things happened to me today. First, I tried beets on my spinach salad for lunch. Can I say that they were quite delicious? In addition to my beets, I also found this glittery heart pillow, which also improved my day significantly. If you don’t believe that glitter and Mod Podge can be used on fabric, then check this tutorial out. I wouldn’t throw it in the washer, but if it’s just for display, then you’re a-okay. This definitely takes Valentine’s Day up a notch from standard pink puffy hearts. Learn more about how to do it below.

Glitter heart pillow at High on DIY


  1. Marni @ haberdashery Fun says

    Was cruising through DIYCandy and stumbled upon you over here.. Love it. The glitter pillow is awesome. New fan!