Personalized mixed media photo ornament.

Personalized mixed media Christmas ornamentIt’s always fun to make those simple Christmas ornaments – but sometimes it’s fun to make the more embellished ones as well. I saw this one and thought “amazing!” It feels traditional and steampunk and fairy inspired and whimsical all at the same time. I also like looking at it because I feel like I see something new every time. It uses Dimensional Magic, among other cool supplies . . . and obviously it’s personalized with a photo. If you find this ornament as interesting and inspiring as I do, click the link below to learn more.

Christmas tree photo ornament at Zrobysama


  1. Rick says

    Hello Amy,

    My wife and I Mod Podge a photo to a canvas. We used a foam brush, 1st coat was brushed on from side to side , 2nd coat was a up down. After it dried it looks like we have streaks covering the photo. How can we smooth the finish?

    Please reply to [email protected]

    Thank You!