No more crappy cases: a great gift idea.

No more crappy cases! Check out the Flux Flap iPad caseWe are pretty passionate about our electronics over here at Mod Podge Command Central. There’s a lot of Apple happening, and I like everything to have a case and/or a stand. That is why I’m excited to let you know about the FluxFlap case and their Kickstarter project. I’ve had plenty of iPad cases that have crapped out on me, and that is exactly why I LOVE this product. Their motto is no more crappy cases! This would make a great idea for anyone who owns an iPad and likes to have a useful case – and I’ll tell you why.

Family-Christmas-2The FluxFlap is a magnetic iPad case with a removable cover that also acts as a stand. It uses special magnets to lock it into place into virtually ANY viewing angle. Which means you can put it anywhere – you can prop it on the counter to read a recipe, type at the coffee shop without it falling over, or even put it on a pillow to watch a movie without it sliding off. This thing is AMAZING. I absolutely have to have one for every iPad in my life (um, there’s more than one) because I use them all the time for work. I love this idea of my iPad being stable enough in the FluxFlap to take pictures on a timer – I’ve never been able to do that before. Etsy shop owners, you’re going to love that feature.

No more crappy casesThe FluxFlap is stable enough to hold its position while you use a stylus, type or read (for whichever which way you hold your hands). Do you see why this case is amazing? And why it is a great gift idea?

If you are more of a visual learner, take a peek at this video for the whole story:

Amazing, right? I’m so curious how you would use the FluxFlap! The possibilities are endless. Which is exactly why the Kickstarter project reached its goal in one day. But now there are some additional goals to bring more colors of FluxFlap to the world:

1db29eff6d5ce1ff12aa846f27ca5608_largeSo if FluxFlap can reach these additional goals, they can have more colors. I NEED that blue, my friends! So what can you do? Back them for as low as $1 on Kickstarter and get in on the updates.

And ladies, if you are thinking these cases are a little masculine, they’ve also added a white/gold combo that looks like a high end clutch. Take a peek:

clutchI actually have a white iPad and this would look great heading to the coffee shop to work! I’m all about gold this holiday season.

SO – head over to their Kickstarter page and check it out. Learn even more about the product and look at their sponsorship levels. There are a variety of cases you can get depending on your pledge level. You can also support them on Facebook, Twitter or visit their site. As for me, I’ll be getting one for my boyfriend and myself. Yay!

Who would you get a FluxFlap for? What would you do with this case?

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  1. Hillary marie says

    I have a 3 year old son that loves watching Netflix in the morning when he eats breakfast. Problem is, he is kind of short and so he is looking up at the iPad so the iPad stand we have always has a glare from his angle (due to nearby windows) and he is constantly yelling at me to “fix it, I can’t see”. I have to use utensils to prop the stupid thing up… This case is genius. And the gold one is beautiful.