Nerd alert: 8-bit Christmas ornaments

8 bit ornaments using Mod Podge Dimensional MagicI’d like to present to you my “nerd resume,” if you will. I think we should start with the obvious: Star Wars. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. HUGE. When I was in high school I got 12″ statuettes of all of the characters. And in college, I bought the Trivial Pursuit game and gathered teams to play at different bars in Seattle every Wednesday night. Combine that with the fact that I wear glasses, like spreadsheets and almost have a second degree in quantitative analysis, I think we can officially say that I’ve achieved nerd status.

These 8-bit holiday ornaments are totally nerdy, and now that you know my resume, you know why I appreciate them. I really love that they are painted, and that they use Dimensional Magic on the top for a little extra shine. Are they up your alley too? If so, visit the link below.

We made some DIY 8-Bit holiday ornaments at Our Nerd Home