Minding your credit this holiday season.

I’m kind of a paranoid person. Ha! That’s a funny way to begin a blog post, I guess. But here’s the deal . . . I hadn’t checked my credit score – EVER – until just a few years ago. I always just assumed it was “good,” not even really knowing what “good” meant. Then a news story at some point made me a bit nervous (and this is where the paranoid comes in) – someone had their credit card number stolen during the holidays, and a bunch of presents were purchased, and she didn’t notice, and it was horrible.

I vowed at that point that I would do all I could so that this would not be me.

So I started getting knowledgeable about my credit. I pulled my credit report for the first time and got my score, and I started making sure I was on top of credit card balances and what was actually going on. I’m personally passionate about this subject, which is why I’m introducing you to Quizzle.

Did you know that nearly 25% of people have never checked their credit report? The mission of Quizzle is to remedy that situation: they want to provide everyone in America with a free credit report and credit score, and that’s exactly what they do. The holiday season is a particularly important time to be on top of your credit since it’s a time that so many people use their cards and make big purchases. Quizzle can help you:

  • Download a free credit report and score
  • Understand your credit – what does it mean
  • Learn what retail credit cards do to your credit
  • Find the best credit card offers
  • Keep your credit in order during the holiday shopping season
  • Maximize credit card rewards
  • Ensure that your identity remains safe

And much more!

If you are interested in getting your free credit report and score, click the image above. Quizzle has been recommended by CNN, Lifehacker, The Wall Street Journal and the Today show, so you know it’s good. Cool, huh?

Credit helps you get what you want. For a complete understanding of your credit and how to put it work for you, visit www.quizzle.com for your absolutely free credit report and score. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quizzle. The opinions and text are all mine.