Make a Mod Podge photo frame ornament

DIY Mod Podge framed ornamentIt’s always fun to make ornaments, in my humble opinion. I think it could be even more fun making them with your little ones – and this is one that you can do with any wood shape that you have. Beckie used a Silhouette to make hers, but if you don’t have a machine, you can use any clip art from the internet. It might be fun to mix shapes . . . or use multiple photos on one ornament. Get creative with it, and learn how Beckie made it below.

DIY Mod Podge ornaments at U-Create

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  1. Alison says

    I love this project but have a questions hopefully you can help so it does not happen on this one- I love the photo blocks and have done several and keep having the problem several weeks later that my photos bubble and I am not sure what I keep doing wrong. Can you give me any tips or tricks to stop this from happening. I use a matte photo, 4×6 picture and have tried several different kinds of modge podge also. I would like to do a few more for Christmas but would love for this not to happen.

    Thinking of doing the photo coaster project along with this one also. Can you recommend anything so my photos do not bubble with this project also.

    • SHai maRie says

      Don’t be discouraged! She’s printing them onto card stock or photo paper for home printers. I think card stock because I’ve done something similar. You need to modge the back after letting the ink dry on front … Dry for 15-30 min (safe side rule) … Then go ahead and do the front.
      I’ll try it, again, myself, this weekend to show my results, if you like.

    • says

      Hi there! SHai maRie is correct – she’s printing on her home printer. I’d do laser jet if you can, or a dry ink printer like an HP. Then you’ll follow the process I use at You need to make sure and use enough Mod Podge!