LightHeaded Beds and a giveaway.

Win a LightHeaded Bed valued at $700 - your kids will love it! Being a child in my family was interesting, to say the least. When you grow up with four (younger) brothers, you just can’t help but have a ton of excitement at all times. Bed time was one of those times. When I was around six or seven, I had a bunk bed that I shared with my brother. We used to act like we were going to bed, wait ’til my mom left and then talk until all hours of the morning. I blame staying up too late as a child for being tired all the time as an adult!

When I finally got my own room, my mom got me a metal day bed with a pull out bed underneath. I didn’t really love that day bed, so I’d either sleep on the pull out or I pitch my Cabbage Patch Kid tent on the floor. Now I realize that one of the reasons I didn’t love my bed is because I didn’t have a LightHeaded Bed! I was pretty much born before there was electricity, so they didn’t have modern advances like beds with light up headboards when I was young. I’m kidding, but seriously, this bed is super cool.

Bed Photo 02You can see my my first picture that I have colored pencils as the headboard image – and as the name suggests, it LIGHTS up. In a matter of seconds, you can change the headboard image, like I did to the travel image as pictured above. Here’s how it works:

light-headed-beds1-580x501If you are in the market for a bed for your child, this is a good choice. A great choice! Especially just in time for Christmas. Here’s some other things to know about these beds.

  • You can create your own custom images here. This is great for the kid who is an artist! I would have totally designed my own
  • Image options include: Disney and Marvel in addition to hundreds of other images to choose from
  • Built in drawers store up to 25 images in a built in storage footboard
  • It can act as a nightlight, a reading light, or simply decor
  • Head and footboard only options available

This video will show you more. Take a peek:

These beds are currently available in Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. or you can order them online at LightHeaded Beds.


But here’s the good news – today I’m giving away a LightHeaded Bed to one lucky reader! To enter, log in to the widget below with your Facebook account, or if you don’t use Facebook, it’s easy to create a Rafflecopter account directly through the widget. Good luck!

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  1. Cathey DeRosa says

    I have to tell you; I love this site. The projects for the most part are wonderfully amazing! I love decoupage. It’s my favorite craft. Pretty easy and oh so lovely things come out of it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas for those of us out there who are good crafters but can’t create our own ideas. When I see a lot of your projects, I say to myself, “Duh!”
    You are so kind. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.