Handmade glitter ornaments with Dimensional Magic

Dimensional Magic Holiday OrnamentsI’ve been looking for Podgy ornaments lately to feature, and I’ve found some cute ones. However, this set of ornaments by my friend Carolyn made me stop in my tracks. These are gorgeous – every part of them. The bezels, the vintage graphics, the glitter . . . and of course, the Dimensional Magic. I want an entire tree of these babies. There are so awesome and there’s not much more to say beyond that, besides encouraging you to visit Carolyn and see how they were made. Ay caramba, these rock!

Glitter ornament with Dimensional Magic at Homework


  1. says

    I didn’t know where to email you I just wanted to share some more of my Podged art
    Cookie canister turns Victorian
    Wildlife Christmas Onaments just cut outs from a magazine pasted on cardboard and covered with glitter Podge
    Decoupage Pencil Case
    Garge Sale Lamp Part 2
    Hope you like it I had fun!