Interior Collective: aztec prints.


Image credit: Society6

Hello friends! I love telling you about the projects I’m working on outside of Mod Podge. The thing is, I love blogging, I love creating and I love inspiring . . . and I’m always looking for new opportunities to do that. I recently started writing articles for The Interior Collective which I’m thrilled about.

The Interior Collective is all about providing interior design inspiration and ideas for interior design. What I love about writing for this blog is that we (myself and the other writers) are talking about design from the inside out – meaning, starting with our own personalities, interests and lifestyles. To me, it’s all reachable design . . . we are real people that live in real homes (or lofts, in my case).

To sum it up, you are really going to love the articles.

Come visit me at The Interior Collective as soon as you can. My first article is about aztec in home decor, and I think you’ll enjoy it. I’m ready to incorporate it into a decoupage project ASAP. See you soon!