Easy snowglobe Christmas ornaments

Mini snowglobe DIY Christmas ornamentsA lot of people don’t know that at one time I had a very large snowglobe collection. I started it right after I graduated from college – I don’t remember what inspired me. But I do remember reading in the Seattle Times that somewhere in their building they had a huge collection, and I wanted one at least as big as theirs. At the time I worked for the University of Washington, and my boss even had a special shelf built for me above my desk to display my collection!

Eventually I had to give them all away because the snowglobes became too heavy to move around and too much to manage, but I still have an appreciation for them. I love ANY crafts with snowglobes or a snowglobe theme. And that includes these ornaments with the little bottle brush trees. They are sparkly and use Mod Podge and are as cute as it gets. Click the link below to learn more about them.

Mini snowglobe Christmas ornaments at Crafts Unleashed

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