DIY postcard pendants gift idea

DIY postcard pendants gift ideaThere is this lovely boutique down the street from me that carries postcards galore. I always like to spend a good half hour or so just sifting through the beauty. I would love to say that I purchase them and save them for the perfect moment. But, I don’t. Knowing me, they’d just sit in a drawer somewhere until my grandkids pull them out someday. In attempt to break that nasty habit of mine, I think I’m going to grab a couple next time I’m there and make them into cute little postcard pendants like these ones. They would make awesome presents, or even just something lovely for myself.

Postcard pendants at The Daily Simple


  1. Cathey DeRosa says

    I love this site so much. Just had to tell you. I get so much pleasure out of your ideas and am grateful you show us these great projects. I love to Mod Podge. I do believe it’s my favorite craft of all!
    Thank you. I know it takes a lot of work to keep up this fun stuff for us, so you are appreciated.
    Keep up the good work. There are alot of us who are excited and motivated!