DIY Christmas ornaments from shutter slats

DIY Christmas ornaments from shutter slatsDoes anyone else out there love making Christmas ornaments? I’m kind of hooked on it. Mostly because they are small, easy and make great gifts (hello to all the hostesses I know!). This idea from Amie is particularly brilliant because she used an old shutter to get those little slats that she in turn created her ornaments with. I’m seriously considering putting up a mini tree this year instead of a full sized one, so I love this idea. Not that you couldn’t put these ornaments on a full sized tree – you could do that too. They can go anywhere you like! I recommend digging through your stash to find goodies that will make this project practically free (after you find your shutter). Learn how to do it from Amie below.

Shutter love: upcycled ornaments at Pinkapotamus

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