Christmas traditions and the Secret Society of Bubblers.

little amyWhat says Christmas to you? To me, it’s all about the traditions! This is me above, at age 3, enjoy my new rocking chair that I got on the big day. I remember still sitting in it in high school. Ha! One of my most fun traditions when I was little was hanging our stockings each year. Getting out the ornaments and the stockings and setting everything up was a big deal to me. My grandmother had hand knit all of our stockings with our names on them, and I loved unrolling them and hanging them in birth order.

I also had a little trick.

I was convinced that if you had a bigger stocking, then you had more room for gifts – and if you had more room for gifts, then you GOT MORE GIFTS. So each year, I’d get my knitted stocking out of the bin and stretch it a bit before hanging. And each year, in the photos, you can see that it gets a little longer than the others. Haha! Did I get more presents? No. But I gave it a try! Aren’t Christmas traditions fun?

Speaking of traditions, I’ve got a new one that you need to take a peek at. It’s called the Secret Society of Bubblers . . . and your kids are going to love it! YOU are also going to love it because of the important message.

DSC_0009The Secret Society of Bubblers is a kids’ Christmas adventure kit that teaches about the power, importance and magic of kindness. And if there’s a message to emphasize for the holiday season, that is it. Let me tell you how it works.

DSC_0011When you get your kit, you’ll receive a few things: a letter with a story, a certificate, tokens, bubbles, and a magnifying glass.

DSC_0017You’ll address and seal the envelope to your child so that it seems to have arrived in the mail just for them. They’ll read the story that explains their secret mission! There are some hidden images in this letter, so that is where the magnifying glass comes in handy. The whole goal of the kit is that your child will be helping a Microscopic Elf earn a place in Santa’s Workshop. It seems that there are tiny “microscopic” elves born all over the world, and the only way they can fulfill their dream of making it to the North Pole is through the kindness of a child they select to be their “Bubbler.”

DSC_0013Each kit has five “B KIND” tokens – each featuring a different elf. And this is the fun part! Your child should complete acts of kindness to receive these tokens, and then their elf gives the tokens in discrete ways (under the pillow, in breakfast cereal, etc). They will believe that the elves are watching and noticing their good deeds. That is what I love about the Secret Society of Bubblers – it teaches kids that being “good” is not about “not being naughty” — it’s about being KIND!

DSC_0016Once your child has earned the five tokens, you get to fill in the certificate and give it to them along with the magic bubbles. This is another opportunity to get creative! Hide the certificate and bubbles somewhere that would be fun to discover. They’ll love it! ON Christmas Eve, your child will blow the bubbles so that his or her elf can travel to Santa’s Workshop.

This kit is so cute and fun – I love it! I think it’s awesome to promote traditions that instill kindness in children – especially with the current bullying trend. Let’s teach our children to grow up to be good humans . . . and hey, maybe you would know an adult that would enjoy this too? I thought it was a blast!

For more information about the Secret Society of Bubblers, visit their blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. And because they love you, they are currently offering 30% off of each adventure set using the code “kindmoms.” Grab yours while you can!

Finally, myself and several bloggers who are also sharing the kits are hooking you up with something that will help you capture the “magic” of this holiday season. Enter to win below!
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  1. says

    What a cool idea! My little guy loved Elf on a shelf last year as a two year old, so this seems like the perfect thing to do with him as he gets older. Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    What a fabulous giveaway, but I really have to say that I LOVE the idea of these Secret Bubblers! I am such a huge sucker in anything magical around Christmas time. My kids would go crazy for this!

    I’m going to hunt this down – I can only imagine their faces once they found a coin under their pillow…..

  3. L says

    Oh my goodness, I had the same rocking chair! I loved it and still love a chair that rocks. But I digress, the Secret Bubblers is a fantastic game for my nephew who is deaf. Def on the list of Santa gifts for him!